Rejuvenate is “addition by subtraction.” By taking away the scruffy overgrowth, a plant can focus its renewed energy on the remaining branches and leaves. Proper pruning enhances the charm of almost any tree and shrub.

Benefits of Rejuvenation Pruning

  • Removing damaged and dead limbs increase plant health
  • Reduces safety and liability concerns—for instance, blocked sightlines and intruders
  • Sunlight is able to reach all areas of the plant
  • Removing old flower buds will allow an increase of new flower buds to form for the following season

When is Rejuvenation Pruning Needed?

Timing is everything. Pruning at different seasons triggers different responses. February, before buds break, is usually the ideal time to prune. This allows us to truly revitalize timeworn and untidy plants. 

Improve Visibility and Safety on Your Property

Our approach to your landscape is to maximize your property’s value through all of our services. In some cases, changes need to be made through the new or existing plant material to increase the aesthetic value and overall appearance of the property.

There are immediate improvements that we can make to your residential and commercial property, with minimal impact on your budget.

Allow one of our landscape professionals to assess the trees and shrubs on your property to determine first priority for rejuvenation.

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