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With a little upkeep, the grass under your feet this summer will feel better than ever. We asked Zaarly lawn-care providers for their top tips on keeping your grass green and healthy!

Clear Away Debris

Storms and rain leave behind broken branches, leaves and other debris. Clear it all away from your lawn and have it hauled away.


Whether you aerate yourself with one of those hand-held devices that you step on, or you get someone to come over with a machine, be sure to water thoroughly the night before. You’ll get a better plug, which provides better circulation of air, water, and nutrients for your lawn.

Check the Aim of Your Sprinkler System

Make sure the sprinkler heads aren’t broken, they’re all pointing in the right direction, and there are no pipe leaks. If they were winterized correctly, you shouldn’t have too much, if any, pipe damage from the freeze. Not sure how to do this? Ask a Zaarly service provider.


Follow the directions on the fertilizer. Choose one without iron to avoid red stains on your concrete. Don’t over fertilize, or you may get yellow or dead spots.

Time it Right

Set your sprinkler timers for the late evening for 5–7 minutes, 2–3 times per week. When it rains, pause the system for 48 hours before turning it on again.

Mow Your Lawn (or have it mowed for you)

Make sure your grass is tall enough to mow — otherwise it can lead to weak root systems that can’t absorb moisture or fertilizer. Ideally, you want to mow when your grass is about 3–3 1/2 inches.

There’s nothing better than a soft, healthy lawn for summer games, picnics, and the occasional Saturday afternoon nap. Give your lawn the attention and nutrition it needs.

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