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Soil, mulch and rocks can be beneficial and instantly make your landscape more polished. Consider where you’d like to have your soil, mulch or rocks delivered to help reduce the work of using a wheelbarrow. Weekday deliveries often have more availability, as weekend delivery slots fill up fast.

Topsoil delivery cost

The delivery cost of soil will cost around $15 to $150. Topsoil can range from $12 to $55 per cubic yard. Fill dirt meant for filling large areas costs $8 to 15 per cubic yard. Topsoil is more often used in landscaping and areas that benefit from the nutrients. Fill dirt can be used for filling large areas that don’t require nutrients such as a base for a driveway or for filling in a pool. Consult a landscaper if you are unsure about which soil will work best for your project.

Gravel delivery cost

Contractor or retailer prices for pea gravel cost $30 to $55 per ton. Consider buying in bulk, as this can reduce the cost to $15-$20 per ton. The softer, colorful and consistently shaped pea gravel costs more and is used primarily for driveways, flowerbeds, or other surfaces where you constantly walk. Rough gravel is more commonly used for filling ponds or other similar projects to fill a larger area at a lower cost.

Mulch installation cost

Much is commonly found at around $30 to $40 per cubic yard. It comes in wide varieties of color and consistencies. Mulch helps to retain moisture around the base of plants, provides additional nutrients for the soil as is decomposes over time, and naturally suppresses weeds. When mulching a flower bed, look to use ashredded hardwood mulch that will provide you with a one- to two-year lifespan. Pine needle or pine straw mulch is a good alternative to create a more natural look with more acidic soil. Vegetable gardens are best with a soil and compost mulch mixture because if the nutrients it adds. The best mulch for playgrounds would be a shock absorbing rubber mulch at a depth of 4-6 inches.

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