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Are you tired of having the same old yard year after year? Utah landscapers from Mellco Landscaping have come up with some simple landscaping tips to transform your yard into the outdoor paradise you crave! These five simples ways to transform your yard will make it beautiful without breaking the bank!

1. New Flowers and Plants

Bushes and shrubs are typically found in every yard. Finding the right bushes, shrubs, flowers, and trees can really make your yard stand out. The plants will change the whole aesthetic of the yard. Mix in a fresh bag of mulch and it will compliment and complete your landscaping.

2. Plant in Masses

Utah landscapers reveal the secret to gorgeously striking flower beds. Utah landscapers suggest avoiding the one of this here and one of that there approach to designing your flower beds. Instead, they suggest restricting your color palette and planning large clumps to create waves of color.

Using more of one type of plant will make your beds look more neat and orderly. This can also help to keep the cost down because you will buy more quantity of each plant versus lots of different plants. Repeating plants can also create balance and unity in your yard.

3. Define Your Edges

Well-defined edging will help to define your flower beds and create borders in your yard. Sharpening your edges can also help your yard look well cared for. Utah landscapers like Mellco Landscaping suggest using clean-cut pavers to establish a formal border for a grid of flower beds. Using sharp edges will define and organize small spaces and take your yard to the next level. Pavers are also low maintenance because the lawn mower can roll right over them.

4. Walkways

Walkways help define the space in your yard. Depending on the size of your lawn, walkways can provide a flow to your yard. You can hire Utah landscapers to create your very own walkway. Walkways add a lot of texture to your yard because of the various materials that can be used. If you are wanting a more natural look you can use stones, however, if you are wanting a pop of color, using brick or crushed rock is also a good idea.

5. Lights

A little lighting can completely alter the appearance and feel of your yard. Utah landscapers love to use lighting to enhance the mood as well as improve safety. A little bit of lighting can make certain plants pop. Using some light to mark the walkways will also keep your family and friends safe. Lights can really make a big difference in your yard. You might be surprised to find that lights are also usually fairly inexpensive to add to your landscape as well. You won’t regret sprucing up your yard with some more light!

Don’t wait one more minute before you finally get on to tackling your yard and creating the one you’ve always dreamed of! Using these five simple tips will create a gorgeous landscape you can be proud of, and the best news is that it can all be fairly inexpensive! If you need help transforming your yard, call your local Utah landscaper today!

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