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8 Easy Tips for the Perfect Lawn

By Extra Mile | Jun 8, 2020

A soft, green lawn is a wonderful thing, and it doesn’t have to be out of reach. Here are a few lawn treatment strategies and advice for establishing terrific turf.

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What Grass Should You Plant in Your Yard?

By Extra Mile | Jun 5, 2020

If you’re looking for a sturdy, warm-season grass, you should consider buffalo grass. One drawback of this North American Plains native is that it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing grass around, but that can be overlooked when taking into account the benefits of buffalo grass.

Similar to buffalo grass, carpet grass is also a good pick for problem lawns in warm-weather climates.

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Best Investments for Your Lawn

By Extra Mile | Jun 1, 2020

Invest in your lawn this spring, and you’ll reap dividends this summer, including healthier grass and easier mowing. Best of all, these investments don’t require big cash outlays.

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Identify Common Garden Weeds: Dandelions, Clover and More

By Extra Mile | May 29, 2020

Clovers, Crabgrass, Creeping Charlies, and Dandelions, Oh My! Learn how to identify the most common types of weeds that may be undercutting the performance of your lawn.

Common Garden Weeds: A Quick Guide To Help Identify The Heavy-Hitters

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10 Tips for Maintaining a Beautiful Yard

By Extra Mile | May 25, 2020

No matter your weather, this is peak time for spring yard cleanup! From pruning to crabgrass prevention, here are 10 tips to cover all you need to know now. There’s a right way to care for your yard, lawn, and garden beds.

Lawn and yard care is all about being proactive. We put a lot into our home and property, so it’s time to refresh our memory on what’s next.

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Remember These Gardening Don’ts

By Extra Mile | May 22, 2020

“For obvious reasons, I spend most of my time emphasizing what you should do in the lawn and garden,” says gardening expert Paul James. “But occasionally, I emphasize what you shouldn’t do. After all, gardening, like life, is full of dos and don’ts.”

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Eliminate Mosquitoes in Your Yard Before it’s Too Late

By Extra Mile | May 18, 2020

Nothing can ruin summer quite like mosquito bites. In addition to causing a persistent itch, mosquitoes can also carry serious diseases. Viruses like Zika and West Nile pose health threats to your friends and family, and heartworm is a mosquito-borne disease that puts both dogs and cats at risk. It’s important to gain control of these insects in your yard as early as possible. Rainy conditions in the spring create the ideal conditions for mosquitoes to thrive once the weather warms, so now the time to take action.

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How to Maintain Landscape Beds

By Extra Mile | May 15, 2020

What is the difference between a high-maintenance and low-maintenance landscape?

A high-maintenance landscape may have many beds to enhance outdoor areas and home entrances. More perennials, shrubs, annuals, water features, and lighting means more maintenance.

Low-maintenance landscapes are mainly grass and just a few beds. A few tall shrubs or trees mean just mulch and occasional hand pruning, along with mowing the grass.

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6 Ways to Create a Pet-Friendly Yard

By Extra Mile | May 11, 2020

Let your dogs and cats play on your lawn or in your garden, knowing they’re free from chemicals and dangerous tools.
If you are a pet owner, you want to give your cat or dog a pet-friendly yard where they can run around, play fetch and explore the great outdoors — without having to worry about their safety.

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