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2020 Landscaping Trends

By Extra Mile | Oct 19, 2020

The hottest of 2020’s landscaping trends are undoubtedly incorporating rocks into your outdoor designs. Combine this with water features and you’ve got most people’s idea of a true backyard oasis. It’s not all about rocks, though, with the rise of the staycation and lots of people sheltering, it’s more crucial than ever that your yard brings you peace and joy. Edging, lighting, and a focus on making even the smallest outdoor spaces shine are other major garden design trends of 2020. Read on to discover an array of easy landscaping ideas to help you make the most out of your outdoor space.

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8 Fall Lawn Care Tips

By Extra Mile | Oct 16, 2020

Fall may not seem like an ideal time to think about lawn care, considering that your grass will go dormant for the winter. However, autumn is a critical time to groom your lawn for beautiful growth next spring. Fall’s cool and moist weather helps grassroots develop much better than in summer, and taking advantage of this growing period will pay big dividends next year. Here are eight fall lawn care steps that’ll help make your lawn dazzle next year…

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Fall Lawn Care 101 – What to Do With Fall Leaves

By Extra Mile | Oct 12, 2020

By the time autumn rolls around, many homeowners are tired of lawn maintenance. After all, you’ve spent the entire summer watering, trimming, and mowing. You’ve been taking the steps to ensure your lush, green grass stays that way — and then the leaves start to fall…

Fall Lawn Care 101 
Although you might be tempted to let the fall leaves stay on the grass for the winter, it’s rarely a good idea to let the leaves just lay there. And it’s not because your neighbors might complain. Here’s what you need to know as you prepare for your fall lawn maintenance.
Are Fallen Leaves Good for the Grass?

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Five Simple Ways to Transform Your Yard

By Extra Mile | Oct 9, 2020

Are you tired of having the same old yard year after year? Utah landscapers from Mellco Landscaping have come up with some simple landscaping tips to transform your yard into the outdoor paradise you crave! These five simples ways to transform your yard will make it beautiful without breaking the bank!

1. New Flowers and Plants
Bushes and shrubs are typically found in every yard. Finding the right bushes, shrubs, flowers, and trees can really make your yard stand out. The plants will change the whole aesthetic of the yard. Mix in a fresh bag of mulch and it will compliment and complete your landscaping…

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The Ultimate Guide to Seasonal Landscape Maintenance

By Extra Mile | Oct 5, 2020

Just as your yard has four distinct seasons of growth and rest, it has four distinct seasons of landscape maintenance. What you have to do depends on the time of year and the type of tree or plant. Here are checklists for seasonal lawn care; trees, shrubs, and groundcovers; flower and kitchen gardens; and hardscape elements to make the work easy to tackle no matter the time of year.

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What’s the Most Pet-Friendly Way to Landscape?

By Extra Mile | Oct 2, 2020

You know something’s wrong as soon as you get home and let your dog in the back door. Instead of leaping up into your arms and licking your face, it slinks past, its belly dragging on the ground. You take one look at your yard and your stomach sinks as you process the devastation. Your dog wags its tail nervously and looks at you as if to say, “I know you told me if I ever destroyed the yard again you’d leave me along the highway, but I just couldn’t resist. Pleeeeease don’t kill me.” There’s a common solution to this problem. All you have to do is create a pet-friendly landscape. Dogs tend to spend most of their time outdoors, but even indoor cats can benefit from a pet-friendly landscape. That said, how do you create one?

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Fall Leaves: Mulching Leaves and Other Tips

By Extra Mile | Sep 28, 2020

As beautiful as fall can be when trees dress summer greenery in brightly tinted hues, those colorful leaves eventually tumble from treetops to litter your lawn. On the ground, leaves signal that it’s time to work. Follow these tips to make this year’s leaf gathering easier.

When To Act
While a few leaves won’t harm your lawn, you need to remove them when they begin to pile up. Fallen leaves can smother turf, blocking sunlight from reaching grass blades and limiting air circulation, which can lead to turf diseases. The weight of leaves can actually prevent grass from growing properly. A leaf layer also keeps soil moist, which can cause turf roots to rot if the soil stays wet long enough. In short, ignoring leaves on your lawn isn’t an option – it could kill your grass.

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Fall Chores: 10 Simple Fall Cleanup Tips For The Season

By Extra Mile | Sep 25, 2020

While waiting for the leaves to drop, here are some other fall chores and projects that can be completed this season:

1. Plant spring bulbs like tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, alliums, etc.
2. Fall is a great time to divide perennials, except for ones that flower in the fall.  It is best to divide those in the spring.
3. In areas where the ground freezes, be sure to winterize sprinkler systems by blowing out the water in the lines and shutting down the system for the winter.

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Benefits of Aerating & Seeding Your Lawn This Fall

By Extra Mile | Sep 21, 2020

Here at Extra Mile Lawn Care, we do go the “extra mile” because we are committed to you, our customer and the health and beauty of your lawn and landscape. Through our years of experience, we have found that one of the most beneficial things you can do to your lawn is aerate and seed your lawn in the Fall. The following are the 6 primary benefits of aerating & seeding your lawn this fall.

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