Outdoor living is tops. Fresh air, garden parties, gorgeous landscaping. What’s that? Still living with astroturf and raggedy concrete in lieu of a backyard? Never fear, there’s professional help for that. Landscape pros are the perfect blend of contractors and gardeners, able to build out a project with the artistic vision of painter. Here are 11 reasons, both financial and aesthetic, to invest in the good looks of your lawn.

1. Boost Your Home Value

The facts are in, landscaping provides great return on investment. Learn how hiring a landscaper (more than) pays for itself. The recommended amount to invest in landscaping, as reported to the Washington Post, is 10 percent of your home’s value. Then watch it grow exponentially when it’s time to sell.

2. Make You and Your Family Happy

A beautiful backyard is your very own Shangri-La. It’s where you spend every evening, where the kids play, where you enjoy romantic sunsets, and you indulge in sun kissed afternoons. Beside the financial and resale benefits of landscaped yard, it makes living in your home that much more fabulous.

3. Lower Your Water Bill

Improving your irrigation system saves serious dough. US News reports it takes 660 gallons of water to supply 1,000 square feet of lawn—the same amount of water you use inside your home for an entire week. A leak-free and efficient watering system slashes your water bill down, and does a good turn for the environment. Besides all that, irrigation systems that don’t overwater means you’re not killing your plants with too much love. Live in a really dry state? Try xeriscaping.

4. Get Artistic Vision

Re-envision that ivy patch into a koi pond, see the rocky expanse behind the shed as a new, veggie-bearing garden, and imagine the concrete slab by the gate as the home of a new gazebo. Landscapers have super powers for envisioning new worlds where there once was boring dirt.

5. Avoid Hard Labor

DIY is delightful, unless your backyard makeover is more than new plants. When going it alone, be sure you’re ready to identify appropriate materials, haul them all home in your hatchback (including those 100lb paving stones), lug them onto a dolly, settle them into the holes you’ve pre-dug so they sit evenly with the ground, and then go on to the next step of the process. Or, you know, you could hire a crew to handle all that jazz.

6. Live a Low-Maintenance Lifestyle

Some people are blessed with a green thumb. Many people are not. Even if you’re fairly handy with a trowel, chances are you don’t have four extra hours each weekend to keep up the garden and lawn. A pro landscaper realizes your vision while also making it low-maintenance. Can you even imagine? A gorgeous yard that doesn’t require much upkeep. Sounds like heaven.

7. Lower Your Energy Bills

Of course you can lower water bills with good landscaping, but energy bills, too? Most def. Energy.gov reports, “shading and evapotranspiration from trees can reduce surrounding air temperatures as much as 6°F…and air temperatures directly under trees can be as much as 25°F cooler…” Trees and beautiful bushes not only look gorgeous on your property, they save you money. It’s an all-around win.

8. Work with Your Weather

Heavy rain, snow, desert heat—a pro landscaper creates a dynamic backyard system that works with your weather. For example, if you have tropical rains that pour down a full season of every year, your new landscaping should feature a drainage system to safely redirect the water. Keep your house from flooding and your garden from drowning with a seasoned landscaper.

9. Get Knowledge Born of Experience

Local landscapers know what plants, irrigation systems, and water strategies work in your area. They’ve seen the failed desert garden in a tropical climate. They will create the look you’re after, staying true to plants that thrive in your local ecosystem.

10. Maximize Lawn Potential

Landscapers are like creative Tetris geniuses, able to reposition existing materials in a set space to win the game. Even a small area behind a condo becomes a luxurious urban oasis with the right plan. Utilize your yard to the fullest, and live a richer outdoor life—while also strategically boosting your home’s resale value.

11. Stay on Budget

It’s easy to dream big. Better to zero in on your max spend, discuss key priorities with the landscaper, and agree on a vision that incorporates all your needs. From there, step back and let the pro crew do the work while also keeping you on track and on budget.


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