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Warmer weather is on the way – which means it’s time to schedule home and apartment projects before the summer heat sets in. Get on these outdoor living upgrades, gardening boosts, lawn care solutions, and cleaning salvations to make spring prep a breeze. Minor planning on your part now hands all the work to qualified pros—and means you spend all summer summering.

Mulch your Garden for Beautiful Flowers

Garden looking a little grim after the winter weather? Mulching nurtures new life, protects soil from the coming heat, fosters moisture retention, provides nutrients over time (when organic mulch is used), and provides a polished look. Spring is the time to mulch before the summer heat arrives.

Get a Termite and Pest Inspection

You don’t have termites…probably. But if you do, the warmer weather is when they make their public appearances. If you see signs of salt and pepper droppings around door and window frames, mud tunnels along the walls or foundation, or wings they have shed, call for an inspection, stat.


Live Luxe with a Water Feature

Take your landscaping next level with a water feature installation. Create a small installation in your Zen garden or go crazy opulent with a multi-layer, stone cherub fountain. Pros handle design logistics, excavation (as needed), pump installation, and plumbing—you get started on the upcoming backyard brunch guest list.

Hire Regular Lawn Maintenance Crew

Summer is for relaxing in the sun, not sweating behind a lawn mower. Find the perfect lawn mowing and trimming service while spring is still springing. You’ll be all set for summer lounging and won’t have to scramble to find already booked-up pros.


Extend Outdoor Living with a Concrete Slab

Turn your underused backyard into outdoor living space with a concrete slab installation. Concrete specialists prep your rocky, uneven ground, lay a smooth surface, and set you up for warm weather fun. It’s the perfect solution for safe BBQ parties, stable patio furniture, and an outdoor firepit.

Roll Out a New Lawn

Sod installation puts the instant in gratification. Skip the seeding and growing and patchy yard process this year and just head straight for the lush, green lawn. Pros handle all the details of prep work and installation, you just reap the glory.

Save Yourself from Spring Cleaning

It is spring and your apartment does need cleaning, but you’re not really ready to hand wash the blinds. The only way around those three facts is to schedule a professional cleaning team to handle your dirty work for you. Deep cleaning costs less than you think, and they’ll do a way better job than you will.


Get a Gazebo Installed

Turn your boring backyard into an entertaining wonderland with a gazebo. Whether custom designed and built for your space, or prefabricated and installed by a pro, you’ll upgrade your life instantly for expanded outdoor living. Enjoy shade, style, and the perfect center-point of a backyard party.

Pressure Wash Your Outdoors

Before summer hits, clear away the layer of dirt that’s been collecting for (let’s face it) decades on your home’s surfaces. Pressure washing pros have different techniques for concrete, tile, stone, and paint—so nothing gets damaged by too strong a water force. A must-do if you’re putting your house on the market this spring—it’s an easy boost for curb appeal. Pro tip: Here’s what’s safe (and not safe) to pressure wash.

Install Outdoor Tile

Revamp your outdoor space by having tile installed on your patio. Mix and match tile colors for festive fun, be boldly black and white for modern magic, or opt for natural stone and refined elegance. Tile installation is an easy upgrade that transforms the look and feel of your place—perfect timing for warm weather entertaining.

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